Debt Management Services

Debt Management Our objective is to be your collection partner by providing you with a stress free way of collecting your outstanding account receivables and allowing the you to focus on your core business activities.

Rest assured that we will go an extra mile to make sure your debt is repaid.

Debt Collection Process

We have put in place effective processes and controls measures to ensure good performance of the portfolio entrusted to us, while observing high level of Client confidentiality and Data Integrity.

Our Collections processes are intended to convert the credits into cash flow as quickly and efficiently as possible, while at the same time maintaining the goodwill of the client in case of future transactions. As such, our approach is a combination of coordinated, appropriate and timely activities aimed at attaining full collection of the debts. This process requires significant interaction with the customers, starting by carefully analyzing the debtor’s financial situation and continuing through timely and frequent contact over the duration of the debt.

Our team is well experienced and trained in handling customers by negotiating and offering payment alternatives that are timely and appropriate for each situation. Furthermore, all collec- tions activities are recorded to facilitate continuous monitoring and timely follow-up while ensuring compliance to the Client’s processes

Each debt is approached differently depending on the ageing, previous collections history, client’s requirements, debtor’s location, outstanding balance, contact ability and reasons for default. Each of the strategies has an escalation matrix depending on the customer’s response to the initial contact. Below are some typical collections strategy, followed by our Debt collection flow chart

SMS Strategy & Follow-Up Calls

We have several SMs used at different stages of collections. The context of each SMS changes with the debtor’s reaction to our initial contact. Our software has been loaded with several SMS templates for different call outcome statuses. Our officers are well trained on the template to use at various collections stages or situations. Below are examples of the SMS strategy in use;-


We have instances where our customers are out of the country and a letter or SMS may not prove to be effective. In such cases we have a standard- ized email template shared with all our Customers to ensure professionalism is observed. We copy our client in the email correspondence

Demand Letters

These are used for those debtors that do not make any commitment to make payment after sending SMS, phone Calls, client visits or keeps breaking promises. We have a standardized Formal demand letter that gives the debtor 14 days to settle the debt in full including debt recovery charges. The letters are usually hand delivered to the customer’s physical location.

A follow up is given to ensure after the lapse of 14 days and payment as not been received, the case is escalated to legal depending on the amount owed and if the customer has the means to pay. This is done after getting approval from the Client.

Skip Tracing & Private Investigation Process

To enable us get those debtors who have deliberately switched off their phones, changed their residences and are out of reach, we have our Skip tracing systems that help trace them using information shared by the client.

Client Visits

For debtors that we are unable to manage through the phone, we arrange for meetings at their office.

Our team will visit the client carrying all necessary documents showing proof of debt existence for a face to face discussion and address any reconciliation issues that may arise.